Prof. Andrew Weeks

Professor Andrew Weeks Board Member Sanyu Africa Research Institute (SAfRI)

Andrew Weeks is a Professor of International Maternal Health Care at the University of Liverpool and Director of the Sanyu Research Unit.

Andrew Weeks was brought up in Kenya and had his medical training in the UK before returning to East Africa in 2001-2003 as a visiting lecturer at Makerere University, Uganda.

In 2003 Andrew Weeks joined the University of Liverpool taking up a personal chair in 2011.

Andrew Weeks is an honorary consultant obstetrician at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, one of the UK’s largest obstetric units.


In 2012 Andrew Weeks set up the Sanyu Research Unit in Liverpool. From there, he employed a young nurse James Ditai as a trial manager for a community misoprostol study in Mbale (MamaMiso) and to help develop a new collaborative organization called the Sanyu Africa Research Institute (SAfRI) Sanyu Africa Research Institute –

Andrew Weeks’s primary interest is in the translation of maternity care from high to low-resource settings and the development of medical technologies.

Andrew Weeks has a particular interest in misoprostol, postpartum haemorrhage, and the management of labour. Andrew Weeks has over 200 publications to his name and currently runs clinical trials in the UK, Uganda, and India, funded by the European Union, MRC, Wellcome Trust, DFID, and NIHR.

Professor Andrew Weeks
Board Member
Sanyu Africa Research Institute (SAfRI)
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