About Us

Sanyu Africa Research Institute (SAfRI) is a Foreign (NGO) Non Government Organization. SAfRI was set up in Mbale, Eastern Uganda away from the central region of the country. Mbale is a focal point for and close to areas with significant poor health indicators due to numerous health challenges in the country. With access to low cost innovative technologies and research from SAfRI, many of these health indicators could be improved

SAfRI enables a tripartite link with the local community, often people talk of ‘a bench to bedside to roadside’link when describing SAfRI. SAfRI gets the ready laboratory works (bench) and ensures it is clinically relevant to the local context from the bedside (hospitals, lower health centres) or to even to the roadside (in a more rural setting) or the community. SAfRI definately addresses the dilemma of clinical significance by context as what is clinically relevant in the UK maybe different from that in developing country settings.

SAfRI offers an important platform for looking at those guidelines produced anywhere in the world and put them into practice, testing out the practical working of those guidelines.

Our Vision

“A World in which all women and children can enjoy high quality health care”

Our Mission

To improve Maternal, Newborn and Child Health especially among the poor, through high quality, collaborative clinical research particularly using low cost, innovative technologies. We work closely with local health care providers and government to strengthen the research capacity, and promote inspiring models of clinical practice

Our Core Values

Integrity and Ethics

Transparency and Boldness

Honesty and Respect

Performance & Innovation